Monday, November 4, 2019

Venial Sin-Wave Of Sinners

G.O.D. is proud to present: Venial Sin-Wave Of Sinners GODCD#0020 2nd album from this great Greek band,a garage~surf~psych delight.Click the link here to listen,download,order cd:

Friday, April 19, 2019

Can Am Des Puig-Book Of AM Parts I~IV

I am truly excited to announce that finally we are ready to present our milestone reissue from '78 we are very proud of. G.O.D. Records presents: Can Am Des Puig-Book Of Am Vol I~IV Wooden book like box (no mdf real wood) with handmade art and craft as seen on pics. Box art and craft by Maria Sofia Andrikou. The actual elusive Book all 152 pages as seen on pics. The 4 parts of Book Of Am plus 7 extra songs in 3 cd's. Shipping of pre orders will start next week. Sold out on Bandcamp,for orders of the few copies remaining pm me,or our page,or email us at .
Few copies left.Sold out on bandcamp. Also for our friends abroad on clear-spot at:…/can_am_des_puig_the_book_of_am_… And if you're in Athens at Mr.Vinylios Record Store
"The Book Of Am is a unique combination of recordings and artwork, a testament of the hippie scene which flourished in the Baleric islands during the 70's. Known to record collectors and psych/folk/prog music aficionados, this multicultural project, formed in the island of Mallorca, recorded a beautiful album which has gained cult status as years passed by. For the first time, the four parts, recorded between 1978 and 2012, are put together as one project with extra 7 bonus songs!!! For the friends and supporters of our label. A monumental reissue is about to happen,that we are very proud of. Can Am Des Puig all 4 parts of the fabulous legendary and collectable Book Of Am from the 1st in 1978 to the 4th in 2013 plus 7 bonus songs will be issued by G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams) in a 3 cd issue including the 152 pages book of art in high quality paper all in a wooden handmade box. The reissue will be limited to 300 boxes worldwide We are very proud and humbled with this collaboration with the man behind this great band Juan Arkotxa who chose our label to work with,with the kind suggestion from our friend and collaborator Will Z who plays in the last two parts of the Book of Am and brought us and Juan together. This great issue is dedicated to the memory of my father that we recently lost,he heard about it but he's not around to see it happen... " Michalis Matthaiou

Sunday, September 30, 2018

While we are preparing for John Terlazzo's interview,here's a great new song he wrote and performed

A brand new song by a great folk rock artist capturing our times with his lyrics,while we are preparing his interview to yours truly,and waiting for a brand new album called "Ancient Chains" that is coming out very soon,a collection of brand new songs,this one we post here is not included.

John Terlazzo - Blasphemy and Lies:

Here are some words about the song by John Terlazzo himself:
"A response to those who would violate the words of their Teachers in order to justify violence and tyranny. The great Sufi poet Rumi once admonished, "Stop! Sit down, Now! / The Reason? / Because you are drunk / and this is the edge of the roof!"... Sometimes, people can be so lost in their own ego addiction to money and power, that the most Loving thing one can do is call them on the carpet, directly and without apology. Some things must be said."