Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas ‎– La Onda Pesada

Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas ‎– La Onda Pesada
Discos Rex ‎– R 419
Mexico 1969

Mexican singer-songwriter. Originally from Monterey NL, Mexico, Ernan Roch (Hernan Rocha) recorded in 1969 with his band Las Voces Frescas a great gem for Mexican National Rock, it is a psychedelic masterpiece combined with some folk like that of Simon & Garfunkel but with some guitars loaded with tremendous Hendrix influences. Many have the idea that it came out in 1971, however it was recorded 2 years earlier, 1969.

Ernan Roch disappeared from the Mexican Rock scene during the 70s and part of the 80s, when he returned with an LP recorded in 1985, titled "Sueños". And from there, there is nothing more known about Ernan Roch.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Caroline Wolf ‎– Wayside

 Caroline Wolf ‎– Wayside
Century Custom ‎– 41039 US 1972

Released in 1972 on Century (the most famous of the “custom labels”), Wayside is the work of this ultimate dolly bird with a strange Métis beauty, posing full length on the back cover. If we had to risk the game of comparisons, it is on the men's side that we should turn: in many ways, Wayside echoes John Does Is by John Thome, released on Universal Master in 1976 (background folk / acoustic garage, vocals and rhythms almost jangly).
In addition to the expressiveness of her singing - her voice is irresistible - Caroline Wolf proves to be a gifted instrumentalist, officiating on the guitar, the harpsichord and even the piano for the duration of a song ("Child of the Snow", an excellent song by Noël) alongside The Sun People, a group of four musicians. Criticized quite harshly in Acid Archives by my friend Aaron Milenski if i recall correctly, i think he might have missed the point.Wayside, which includes only original compositions, actually only deserves praise and should, in the long term, reconcile you with female folk.

Now, to answer the question on everyone's minds - what would be John Thome's music if he was a lady - check out this fabulous album by the very talented Caroline Wolf. She plays acoustic guitars, harpsichord, piano (use for a lovely Christmas song) and vocals (her voice is one of the most unique and beautiful I've come across). Note also that Caroline is backed on many tracks by The Sun People, a full and competent band featuring acoustic guitars, electric guitar, electric bass and drum. Wayside was released in 1972 on the famous Century custom label, and it's clearly one of the best do-it-yourself projects out there.Last but not least, all music and lyrics are originals.

Tracklist: A1 Wayside 0:00 A2 Sagittarius 2:31 A3 The Gull 4:44 A4 Child Of The Snow 6:48 A5 Beating The System 8:51 A6 Colorado River 12:19 B1 California Girl 14:44 B2 Make It Til Dawn 17:30 B3 So Beautiful 19:27 B4 In Your Shadow 22:28 B5 Freewheeling Man 24:40 B6 The Drum 26:40 B7 I Have Followed 28:14

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Drnwyn ‎– Gypsies In The Mist

 Drnwyn ‎– Gypsies In The Mist
Wilderland ‎Recording Studios– Record No. 31778 US 1978

Ultra Rare 1978 Private Press Psych/Folk LP from Salem, OHΙΟ,with electric & acoustic Leads , Mandolin, Keys and echoey vocals including some female backing. Only 500 copies pressed.
Hard to find sole album by US duo Drnwyn. Wonderful record that has some very cool psychedelic moments (especially the track '' The madman and the angel'' ), and a good number of fabulous folk rock midtempos.

*David W. Hoag - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Synthesizer, Vocals
*John Volio - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Guest Musicians
*Randy Pregibon - Lead Guitar
*Kevin McIlvaine - Bass Guitar
*Larry Davis, Drums
*Greg Smith - Keyboards
*Nancy Fannin - Voclas
*Cheryl McIlvaine - Vocals
There's drums, bass and lots of acoustic guitars in here, but also electric leads, keys, mandolin and multi- part vocals with some female chorus as well. But most important, very well- crafted songs from start to finish. This was a private release back in 1978, and a deep dive into acid folk- psych.
A1 Empty Bars 4:55
A2 Summer Sun 4:36
A3 Secrets Of The Past 4:50
A4 Brothers 3:03
A5 Move A Mountain 5:02
B1 Gypsies In The Mist 6:27
B2 Places, Faces, Pages 5:26
B3 The Madman And The Angel 5:22
B4 Something To Hang On To 5:17

Friday, July 9, 2021

Kopperfield ‎– Tales Untold

One of the best US heavy prog lp's ever and a rare private pressing.
Don't let the kitsch cover art fool you.

Kopperfield ‎– Tales Untold
Kopperdisc ‎– 5014N5 US Nov. 1974
Formed in 1971 in Edwardsburg, Michigan. U.S.
Disbanded in 1975

Members were Paul Decker (Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions), Jimmy Robinson (Vocals), Bill Wallace (Guitar, Keyboards), Chuck Eagan (Guitar, Back Vocals), Tom Curtis (Drums), Keith Robinson (Back Vocals, Keyboards), Jerry Opdycke (Bass, Back Vocals)
Kopperfield emerged out of the ashes of a couple high school bands in Edwardsberg, MI. Keyboard player Keith Robinson and bassist Jerry Opdycke were in competing combos, but were also good friends who had frequently jammed and discussed the possibility of connecting in a band.

The opportunity finally presented itself when their respective bands began to disintegrate in the fall of 1971. Opdycke soon put in a call to Robinson. Chuck Eagan and longtime friend Bill Wallace accompanied Opdycke into the group on guitars and Robinson brought in his little brother Jimmy as the lead vocalist. Tom Curtis, at the time playing bass in another band, joined on drums. The new collection of players jammed and gelled instantly and Kopperfield was formed. From the very beginning, they were writing a prodigious number of original songs.

By 1972, they had worked up enough courage to journey to Chicago and record some of them, although they were still rough early efforts. By 1973, the material had improved so much that the band began work on its Tales Untold project in between extensive stretches on the road. Kopperfield also lost Wallace during this period and replaced him with another keyboard player and vocalist, Paul Decker. Tales Untold was finally finished and released in 1974 and Kopperfield immediately began work on its second LP, tentatively titled Back to Bitchin' (the album was never finished or released). They also signed with a booking agency out of Chicago, allowing them to open for groups and artists like Foghat, Country Joe McDonald, Kansas, the James Gang, and H.P. Lovecraft. By 1975, however, Kopperfield came to an end.

Tracks Listing 01.Moonride 02.Anatomy 03.Brain Rot 04.Watching The Time Go By 05.Nothing Left To Give 06.Truckin' On 07.Tales Untold 08.Magic In Your Mind 09.A Thousand Warriors 10.Wiseman 11.Dreams Bonus Tracks 12.Can't Find My Wine (1972) 13.People Are Leaving (1972) 14.Red Neck (1972) 15.Gonna Get Stoned (1972) 16.Wake Up People (1972) 17.Jam It (1972) 18.Naked Tears (1975) 19.You Pulled The Lights Down (1975) 20.Katie Love (live,1975)


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Context 70 - Context 70

 Real people glories LSD psychodrama included in "Context 70" (no label private pressing) a very obscure homemade high school project LP of which only a few copies are known to exist.

Among the high points included are two long fuzz/organ jam freakouts, a girl garage band, and some underground folk moves, stoned-out jug-band moves, bizarre poetry and crude classical roundout the set. There is also a funny spoken introduction proclaiming it to come courtesy of a radio. Interesting LP with plenty of 1970 NYC zeitgeist and a high freak value, though schizophrenic and local to the max.
This actually should be listed as a various artist release, and titled"Context 70. But I guess since none of the participants are really artists in their own right, but really just one large group of high schoolers,the argument can be made that they should be called by the name of the album title. Overall, the album is a collection of 'mish-mosh by a group of teenage music class students from Southside High School, in Rockville Center, NY. It includes some spoken word passages, some piano interludes, vocal pop, a couple of garage cuts, and two fuzz guitar driven standouts.
Private pressing from Long Island in 1970.This is a legendary record among psych collectors.
According to Acid Archives, there's only a hand full remaining copies that exist.To my knowledge,this album has only been offered one time on Ebay a few years back.
This album is musically all over the place. The album opens with a radio announcement welcoming you to WTHC.
This segues into a tweaked Jug band called The Amalgamated Pickle Plant & Home Delivery featuring a kazoo/banjo/washboard etc...The best songs on this album are by a kid named Emmanuel Angel who plays all the instruments on the songs "Gertrude"&"Pickengratchen,"the latter being a six and a half minute instrumental that is a totally inspired over the top, noise-rock freak out, complete with overdriven to the max guitar solos, fuzzed out keyboards & trippy effect pedal geekdom galore.

An all female group calling themselves ADAM'S RIB contributes a great psychrocker called "HIDE YOUR LOVE" with
great lyrics like: "I stare at the walls while talking to myself.
Back to reality,I know I need help,I Need You"
There are painfully earnest ballads like "LINDA IS BEAUTIFUL"that probably didn't win the author any dates with the object of his desire.
There's also a ridiculous poem called CHEESEBURGER LAMENT credited to OMLETTE...
10-15 copies are rumored to have survived thetest of time.
A1 The Radio Show Intro 1:10
A2 Washington At Valley Forge (The Amalgamated Pickle Plant And Home Brew Distillery) 1:56
A3 Interlude 0:04
A4 Happy Mother's Day 1:34
A5 Paula 1:24
A6 Gertrude 2:19
A7 The Wishbone 0:35
A8 Hide Your Love 2:30
A9 Augurs Of Spring 2:52
A10 Linda Is Beautiful 4:30
A11 The Unfinished Symphony (The Amalgamated Pickle Plant And Home Brew Distillery) 0:09
B1 Cheeseburger Lament 2:17
B2 Rainbows 2:02
B3 Melancholy 1:07
B4 Epstein's Disgruntlement 0:40
B5 Forest Green 1:53
B6 Pickengratchen 6:31
B7 The Plastic Idyll 0:40
B8 It's A Fashion 3:19
B9 The End 0:01