Wednesday, October 8, 2014

G.O.D. Records Presents The Gem Of The Week - Julian Jay Savarin - Waiters On The Dance

Julian Jay Savarin was the leader and main songwriter in Julian's Treatment. He wrote, directed, and played on the 1970 double concept album A Time Before This. It is based on the book Lemmus, A Time Trilogy - Waiters On The Dance, which Savarin wrote. A poet and writer, as well as a musician, he used his multi-talented focus to his advantage on many different projects.
Lemmus / A Time Trilogy-Waiters On The Dance, originally released in 1971 and re-released by Akarma Records in 2001, comes attractively packaged with the original artwork in the vinyl and CD formats.
A concept album with excellent music seems to be more ear catching than any other type of recording. When you know that there is a story behind the music, better yet an entire book, the entire picture begins to formulate in your minds eye. When you then take that formula and add powerful guitar riffs, grinding organ, and Lady Jo Meeks’ (later with Catapilla) voice to tell the story and set it all in motion with feeling, you have all the elements for a successful musical endeavor that spells progressive rock. This LP is a classic that deserves an abundance of attention by those that appreciate what this captivating genre has always had to offer its devout listeners. I am like many of you; I had never heard of this album before and felt entirely blown away by its impact. I am sure you will be too, and then you will wonder why you had not heard of this sooner. As the saying goes… better late then never, get it now!
Line-up / Medway Garage style group looking for musicians

- Lady Jo Meek / vocals
- Julian Jay Savarin / story, arrangements, keyboards
- John Dover / bass
- Nigel "Zed" Jenkins / guitar
- Roger Odell / drums

Track List
01. Child Of The Night 1 & 2 (8:36)
02. Stranger (2:21)
03. The Death Of Alda (5:29)
04. Dance Of The Golden Flamingoes (8:55)
05. Cycles (4:23)06. Soldiers Of Time (2:59)

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