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Compiled by : Michalis Apostolou, Michalis Nikolitsis, Nikos Kontopoulos

The Soundcarriers - Low Light  
Off their fourth album ‘Entropicalia’, released in 2014.
The Soundcarriers were formed in Nottingham, UK, where founding members Adam Cann, Paul Isherwood (a.k.a. Pish) and Dorian Conway have played together since childhood. Leonore Wheatley completes the band’s line-up adding subtle, gentle vocals and harmonies. Filmic, fantastic and authentically psychedelic, a jazz-infused psych-pop with a 60s vibe. 
Dumbo Gets Mad - Radical Leap 
Off their second album “Quantum Leap”, released in 2013.
Dumbo Gets Mad emerged in the summer of 2010 in Northern Italy (originally from Reggio Emilia) and has now migrated to Los Angeles. Luca and Carlotta recorded sans fancy technology, using old-fashioned equipment like analog synthesizers and tape machines creating a psych-pop sound with lots of good vibes. 
The Assyrians - Astronaut  
Off their debut album “Tundra”, released in 2014.
The Assyrians are from Milan, Italy. Marco Giudici, Giovanni Bozzoli, Niccolò Fornabaio, Carlotta Boattini and Emily McKearney took aspects from dream-pop, psychedelia, indie, ambient soundscapes and simply unusual, but fantastical alternative-pop to create what they call galactic pop. 
Beaulieu Porch - Golda 
Off their second album “We Are Beautiful”, released in 2013.
Beaulieu Porch is an English psychedelic pop band formed by multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Simon Berry in 2010. “This is proper Strawberry Fields territory. Think floaty psychedelia, dreamy vocals, extended bizarre codas. And it is brilliant…” Inspired psych-pop with rock influences. 
Faces on Film - Percy  
Off their third album “Elite Lines”, released in 2014.
Faces On Film are from Boston, USA and debuted in 2008. Their third album “Elite Lines” marks a major leap forward for Mike Fiore as songwriter. It's all shades and variations of psychedelic guitar tones, rhythmic and sensual bass and on overarching clarity of vocals and lyricisms. Indie rock and folk sound with a psych flavor.
Tara King Th. - L’Enquete  
Off their album “Hirondelle & Beretta”, released in 2013.
Tara King Th. hail from Rhône-Alpes, southeast France. Amazing psychedelic pop that conjure up spaghetti western, future-gone-retro or acid rock from the early 70's. Their 5th album “Hirondelle & Beretta” brings to mind Ennio Morricone and Broadcast. It is a soundtrack to an imaginary film. The music itself combines lyrical giallo style themes with gorgeous baroque pop, ornate psychedelia and even a bossa nova. It could be a moody noir thriller, but it probably makes an even better case for a horror soundtrack.
Arnold Fish - The Guilty (Il Colpevole) 
Off his debut album “In The Land Of The Elephant Blues”, released in 2015.
Arnold Fish is a french pop multi instrumentalist from Lille. He creates songs by combining the sounds of mellotron, fuzzy guitars, electric organs and other classical instruments with psychedelic effects. His amazing debut "In the Land of the Elephant Blues" by G.O.D. Records (Garden Of Dreams) really blew our minds. 
The Liminanas - My Black Sabbath  
Off their third album “Costa Blanca”, released in 2013.
The Perpignan duo of Marie and Lio Limiñana found themselves augmented by three additional musicians to create a hypnotic maelstrom of sound that suggested an alternate universe. It exists somewhere between the Jesus & Mary Chain's influences, the Gallic pop and ye ye of Anna Karina and the sly sophistication of Serge Gainsbourg, marrying fuzzed-out psychedelia and agreeably rambling rock with a pop sweetness. 
The Entrance Band - No Needs 
Off their second album “Face The Sun”, released in 2013.
The Entrance Band is the second project of Los Angeles gifted Guy Blakeslee with Paz Lenchantin and Derek James. With their 2nd album “Face The Sun”, the psychedelic power trio emerges from a long tunnel of addiction, anxiety, sorrow and sadness to wilfully turn toward the light, moving from facing down mortality to facing the sun. “No Needs” is the album’s masterpiece with phenomenal instrumentation and even a flute driven climax!
The Buttertones - Nu Suave 
Off their debut album “Buttertones”, released in 2013.
The Buttertones are Richard, Cobi, Sean, Dakota from Los Angeles, California. The sound of the bass kick squeaking in “Nu Suave” with that riff that blat-blat-blats into your ear while the snare rolls on and the singer laments “All fucking night”. This is the kind of band that will certainly get even better with time and we can’t wait. 
Invasions - Rosy 
Off their second self-titled album “Invasions”, released in 2013.
Invasions are a five-piece band from Toronto, Canada. They manage to combine stoner jams with garage-infused surf rock and gritty, horn-filled country western blues. Their sophomore album “Invasions” screams Tarantino soundtrack, it’s doused in reverb and is always jaunty and fun.
Apache Sun - The Rain That Never Came  
The band’s debut single, released in 2014.
Apache Sun are a psychedelic rock band formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2014, by brothers Kris Mitchell (vocals, guitar) and Pete Bruce (bass). The band started as a home recording project and this is their debut single, a mix of Indie and neo-psychedelia. Can’t wait for their debut album.
Condor Gruppe - Ondt Blood 
Off their debut album “Latituds Del Cavall”, released in 2014.
Condor Gruppe are from Antwerp, Belgium. Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen, Jan Wygers, Milan Warmoeskerken, Krist Torfs and Kris Delacourt gave us certainly one of the best albums of 2014, with their debut “Latituds Del Cavall”. It combines obscure Italian 70’s soundtracks and spaghetti westerns with surf-music, all dipped in psychedelia.
Blossoms - Blow 
The band’s debut single, released in 2014.
Blossoms are one of Britain's next big things. Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BV's), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar/Auxiliary Percussion), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BV's) are from Stockport, Greater Manchester and they are astonishingly good. Their Psyche-pop riffs, the vocal melodies where a film noir meets the 60s aesthetic show authentic quality. There is a range of audible references here from the Arctic Monkeys via Abba to The Doors artfully constructed psych haze.
The Madcaps - Melody Maker 
Off their debut self-titled album “The Madcaps”, released in 2015.
The Madcaps are Rémi Peltier (Drums), Thomas Dahyot (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Vincent Henri (Lead & 12-String Guitars & Backing Vocals) and Bastien Bruneau Larche (Bass, Keys) and they come from Rennes, France with a beautifully crafted mix of 60s garage and surf. Their debut album “The Madcaps” really hit our soft spot with “Melody Maker” that has instantly become one of The BSMNT’s anthems because of its lyrics, apart from anything else.
Os Noctàmbulos - Forget Everything 
Off their debut album “Corsica Garden”, released in 2014.
Named after their home studio in Massy Palaiseau, France, Anglo-French garage rockers offer a bag full of Nuggety treats on their debut album “Corsica Gardens”. Spearheaded by the very talented Nick Wheeldon, Os Noctàmbulos are garage rock revivalists with a sound steeped in ingredients from the top-shelf, managing to sidestep being another retro retread. 
The Electric Magpie - Friends
Off their debut album “Begins”, released in 2014.
The Electric Magpie are Peter Maffei, Hunter Stroope, Ignacio Gonzalez, Culen Jensen, Tomas Dolas and Claire Morison from San Francisco, California. Their debut album “Begins” is a mix of Folk, Garage and Psych Rock and really stood out with its memorable infectious choruses and its warm, comfortable early seventies glow. The ease with which these guys traverse genres is commendable and results in an album that sounds like it exists outside of the confines of time. But the masterpiece here is "Friends", starting with a splendid New York coke-cool rhodes intro, before going all "I Am The Walrus" and getting moody and psychedelic.




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