Wednesday, March 8, 2017


G.O.D. RECORDS (GARDEN OF DREAMS)We accept orders for issues from bands and labels from all over the world on vinyl and any other physical format (cd,cassete,tape etc)

We have the most competitive prices,and the most important,100% guaranteed shipping of product in 42 days for all vinyl issues!!!
7",10",12" vinyl,all colours and combinations,covers in 350gr hard paper,inner sleeve,black or white paper dressed inside with polyline bag,inserts covers all types single or gatefold,matte laminated,or glossy.We also offer the issue of special edition boxes in many types of leatherette colours and laminated cardboard fully printed with posters printed on all sizes,badges,t-shirts and anything else you might think of!!!
Everything you have in mind we make it happen.Just ask us!

For cd's we offer 10 days guarantee for shipping of product,all quantities accepted, in 4p digipak laminated cover,also booklets,6p or 8p digipaks,or whatever you have in mind. (Cd's of 500 copies and over are replicated with glass master,under that quantity they are duplicated for lower costs.)
Last but not least,we offer worldwide distribution of the product in all formats with low distro fees,so you know your items will appear on all major selling platforms and wholesalers!!!
Message us here,or at: or give us a call: (0030)6983371965,we will be glad to assist with any information you want

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